What is "Micro SaaS Idea" about?

The next profitable micro saas idea that you should pick.

This is the place if you are looking for your next big idea … err.. next good idea.

No, I am not going to give you a million-dollar idea and implementation. I am only going to write about small ideas that can take you through $1K-$10K MRR in 1 year or so.

I tried for a long time with some few BIG ideas that never worked. Then I picked a small idea and that worked. That's when I realized - “If you want to make money, don’t read about how the richest person in the world made it, read about someone who just started making a few hundred dollars”

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How different is this from other reports?

Here at the “Next Idea”, I am going to talk about YOU. How YOU can pick a small idea that is working for a few people and how best you can bundle the product for a small niche or how best you can replicate the success of similar products.

I don’t have tech knowledge. Will this help?

Yes, Towards the end of each post, I plan to write on how each idea can be implemented. I may not go deep but I will try to touch on major components.

I don’t have marketing knowledge. Will this help?

Yes, I will show how best you can start validating your product by starting small with mvp and building in public.

What about cost analysis?

In every email, I will briefly talk about the average cost for handling 100 customers. The cost analysis primarily includes the infrastructure cost - servers, databases and any other tools required.